Dear Customer / Supplier,

In view of the epidemiological evolution of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), in a widespread manner throughout the World and where Portugal is no exception, Salemo& Merca, Lda decided to put in place a contingency, mitigation and prevention plan for its dissemination, in order to protect all its customers, suppliers and employees.

Therefore, with effective implementation on March 12, 2020 and until the positive evolution of the current scenario or express contrary indication, the following operational measures will come into effect temporarily:

A) It is conditioned access to all customers and suppliers to Salemo & Merca facilities, Lda, particularly for meetings, visits, project tracking or others.;

B) All trips by our commercial teams are conditioned. We will privilege the alternatives that technology offers us so that we can continue to provide them with all our support (videoconferences, mobile devices, email, telephone contact, etc.);

C) All other means of regular contact with Salemo&Merca, Lda are kept in normal operation, namely email and telephone lines;

D) Receipts and/or shipments of materials, until otherwise indicated, maintain their normal processing/operation, being conditioned only to factors external to Salemo&Merca, Lda, namely those resulting from the eventual closure of borders or measures limiting the transit of goods.

Any exception to the measures described above must be duly agreed and authorized by Salemo& Merca, Lda management.

Convinced that these measures will allow us not only to mitigate the risk of spreading the new coronavirus and preserve the well-being of all, but also to maintain our normal activity, we thank you for your understanding and full collaboration.

With best regards,

Salemo & Merca  Management